Assesment Requirement Design Development Testing Support


Wegaweb specializes in exhibit graphic design and applications. Our Design team can provide any level of assistance necessary to support your project and will remain involved from concept to completion. This methodology has been well tested over time to allow us to deliver quality websites on time and on budget.

Web designers often think about the web design process by focusing on technical issues such as wireframes, code, and content management. But good design is not how you combine social media buttons or sharp images. Good design is actually about having a process of creating a website that goes with a comprehensive strategy.

Assessment Phase

Need Assessement Phase

A key part of our development process is to understand your business and capture the unique requirements of your project. Based on the information we gather, we create a document that roughly describes what will be included in your web site.

Requirement phase

Requirement Phase

During this phase, we go over your requirements in detail and provide you with a document that physically describes what needs to be done, how implementation will occur, and identifies any problem areas.

Design Phase

When designing your site, we take into account its purpose and audience. Our designers, working within your specifications, will make decisions about how web components will accomplish the site’s objectives. Our goal is to achieve the effects called for in the most flexible, efficient and elegant way.

development Phase

Development Phase

This involves the process of building your web site according to its design. You will be able to work with our team in a truly transparent environment enabling you to stay in touch with the development process. We post our work progress on the Internet so that you are able to follow the development and offer your comments for us to work upon. We will also test the site both internally and externally.

Testing Phase

By now, you have all your pages and explain how they appear in the site visitor, so it’s time to make sure everything works. Integrate site-based browsing into a variety of devices with automatic site searches to detect everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.


Support Phase

We will provide continued support, based on the agreement from the design phase.
This is a tried and true methodology that we have developed from our experience in delivering quality Internet solutions. This process is aimed at providing you comprehensive solution to fulfill your business needs. Our process also provides open communication during each phase and incorporates signed and documented plans throughout the implementation of your site.